Teachers- the Incredible.

Being a teacher is a highest privilege and having a teacher is biggest blessing. A dedication to all the teachers for their priceless contribution in our life.



Our retarded society feels that a girl should come with a seal on her vagina in order to prove them her purity. But what they lack is that purity has nothing to do with virginity. Purity is totally about state of heart and nature of ones thought. So here is an attempt to make the society realize their mistake. Hope you’ll love reading.

Dear Soldier

Our feet on carpet, their boots on ground;
Our days are steady, their wavering around;
Our nights blissful, their stressful;
It’s our life to live because it’s theirs to give;
The heroes should not be remain unsung because we can never imagine their plight;
We grow stronger and bolder because theirs is the fight.
A message to the soldier.


When god created this earth he was in dilemma. Dilemma was how he can love everyone equally?? How he can be with everyone?? So he created MOTHER. Mother to take care of us. To teach us. To transform us. She do every possible things for us. She sacrifices her dreams for ours. She comprises with her needs so that we can get everything. She is great. She is god. And this poem is a dedication to all the MOTHERS who adore their children a hell lot.


There’s always a person in your life that always supports you regardless of situation. Such people are hard to find. And I am blessed enough to have one such in my life. She is my sister, my advisor, my friend and above all a kind hearted woman. Numerous times I have offended her but still she love me like nothing has happened at all. And this poem is dedicated to her for being the shoulder in all my downs.

Friends Indeed

Truly said “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Nothing can bring you down if you have your friends by your side. So this poem is dedicated to all my friends for there love, care and support. Thanks for being an essential part of my life.

I Try

Have you ever been so broken that you feel like quitting?? Have you ever been so shattered that you feel worthless?? Have you ever been so offended that you wish to die?? Still somehow you make yourself to be on track. But for what?? The answer lies within our core.Yes, LOVE-the most beautiful yet horrifying feeling. The feeling for which we all try. The feeling for which we are even ready to fight with the world. The feeling of trust and care. The feeling easy to get but difficult to preserve. So here’s the reason why I try!!