Prisoners Of Notions

Some people come in our life just to teach us the lesson- that nothing is permanent. But we trust them, love them and above all make them the most essential part of our life. And then the time arrives and they depart, giving us the pain and suffering for the life time. And to comfort us people says “time will heal everything”. But time can only heal the wounds and not the throbbing memories. And these are the memories of which we become the prisoners for the life span.


“Beauty lies in the eye of viewer”. Where for some beauty means a good statics of 36″ 24″ 36″ while for some it means the purity of the heart. Every person has its own perspective. And this perception depends mainly on the way one think and act. And so here is my perspective of BEAUTY.

Love: My interpretation 

People say “Love is life”. I say “Life is love”. Everyone has different meaning for love. For some its fun, for other its being intimate while for me its responsibility. Hope you read this and share your opinion.

New Start

It’s easy to end one’s life for the one who left you but is it that much difficult to live for the one who are always with you? How can one forget the love of their parents for some stranger who somehow arrived in their life? Whether to live or die, is a big confusion but believe me living is a better option. I too faced the same dilemma but dedicated my life to the dreams of my mom and dad. And so here I am.

Everything gonna be fine

It has been years when my love left me. She had already moved ahead in her life and I don’t even know whether she still remember the seasons that we spent together or not. But I still cherish those moments and hope that one day she’ll be back to me. And this poem is to verbalise my present state.

She left me

I still remember the day when my better half left me. For few days I didn’t believed that it actually happened but it was the harsh reality. I tried to bring her back but failed and this poem will verbalize my feeling at that spell.

Love at first Sight

Have you ever seen someone who made your heart gone mad? Have you ever experienced the love at first sight? May be yes because at least once in life we all fall in love and that love transpires to be the enduring part of our life. Whatever be the state we just cannot wipe out the memory of our first love. And this poem will narrate you the ambiance when I first saw her and fell for her.