New Start

I sensed something bad coming about,on my love which raised a doubt;
with her odd doings I was going mad,
ignorance of her was making me sad;
and out of the blue state changed a lot,
took from me almost everything I got;

One blunder of mine made her flee,
In a tick wrecked her feelings for me;
that biased feat of my star,
gave my heart an enduring scar;
the love care and trust vanished,
for one fault of mine I was banished;

She moved ahead leaving me behind,
love in her heart I failed to find;
that night I sobbed in pain,
nothing soothe me all went in vain;
my life for ones, I thought to end,
but soon memories began to append;

Flashed before me my mom and dad,
for my sake, how can I make them sad?
so for their happiness I decided to live,
for their dreams I chose to contrive;
And with her loving memories in my heart,
I determined myself for a new start.

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