She left me

There was a time,
When you were mine,
You were an essential part,
I never thought we would be apart,
You inured to make me smile,
I used to call you princess of mine.

And then came the heartfelt fear,
Sleepless night and continuous tears,
The made for each other couple,
Got separated for ever,
You left me and went far,
Leaving on my heart a deep scar.

The fault was neither yours nor mine,
It was just the fateful time,
The destiny had some other plans,
We were puppets acted as pawns,
Now I feel myself vain,
My heart aches in pain.

In this cosmos what I wish to gain,
Is you to set me free from pain,
Toward my heart set your sail,
From the agony give me bail,
Come back shona my dear,
Turn up and wipe my tear.

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