Love at first Sight

It was just another day,
The sun was scattering its ray,
When she walked into my life,
Brought with her the divine vibe,
Into my life an angel hailed,
Along with her the happiness sailed;

A mere gaze of her face,
And my core jumped into race,
Her aroma left me numb,
And I gazed her like dumb,
Dazzled with her nature I smiled,
Inside me a mountain of passion piled;

A temptation grew in my heart,
My feeling to her I wanted to impart,
From darkness I would agile,
If you become the reason of my smile;
I carved to say I love you dear,
My heart is yours now, hold it come near;

The gracious creation of the lord,
Got the sway of my hearts cord,
I imagined the arrival of the time,
My compassion with her when I would slice,
The bliss in her smile was remarkable,
I think falling for her was credible;<

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