Dear Reader

What is life? Indeed a notebook where the first and last page is already filled with instance of our birth and death but the pages in between are ours to write. As we grow every stage of our life is portrayed as chapter, every instance forth a page, each dream put forward an idea, every effort depicts our ability, each failure present a lesson and every feat outline motivation. So with dedication as our pen and aspirations its ink, it is us who are supposed to draft the life in the most beautiful way.

Learn new things, experiment innovative ideas, dream big, work hard, face defeat, feel success, fall in love, taste betrayal, inspire folks and do all that you wish. Just make it certain that your notebook should be the next best seller. Scribble your destiny on these empty pages of life in such a way that people feel indefatigable and inspired. Squeeze every drop of your ability, utilize all the available resource, work hard and make your life large.

For life is given only once, so live it to its fullest; make wonderful memories; gain and share experiences and get immortal in people’s memories.

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