Life- combination of four letters but having a deep meaning. It’s a big theme. 
One cannot live his life alone. Everyone needs a companion for his support. For this very reason everyone fall in love at least once. It’s not a voluntary action. It just happens. One don’t even realize when he/she falls in love. The feeling of “Falling in Love” is one that every person will experience within their lifetime.  

Till the time of death everyone has a love story. Now or than everyone have to fall for someone. The thing which matters is whether that falling hurts you or strengthen you. Everyone wants someone who could give them love, care and affection, someone who could offer them shoulder to cry upon, who could be their companion in loneliness, who could understand them, support them and above all someone whom they can call theirs. But all stories are not meant to be successful. Some remains incomplete, some fails.

Here you’ll find many such stories, you could relate yourself with.